Growth Clinic

Adrienne McLean

Business Development, Systems and Processes,
Marketing, Sales, Digital marketing, mindset with presentation skills speciality

Years of experience: 14 years

About Adrienne

Adrienne McLean is the Founder of The Speakers Practice , established in 2009. Specialises in helping business owners & professionals with marketing skills , personal selling and getting the sale across the line. Adrienne also assist with promotional tools eg business presentations, video, writing, podcasts and social media, any tool that helps with increasing visibility.Adrienne is a Business Coach, Speaker and Author. Adrienne has recently become an author publishing “Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed” on Amazon. Adrienne has a background is building systems and processes into businesses to build efficiencies and profitability. Adrienne is a Quality Internal Auditor to business systems , such as, ISO 9001, ISO17025, ISO45001, ISO 27001.

The areas that Adrienne McLean mentors in:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Growth clinic is suitable for small business owners who are looking for hands-on training, practical advice and support for their digital marketing (regardless of whether their needs are ongoing or not).
In the last 22 years, we have come across business owners at different stages of their online journey. Unfortunately, most agencies offering a free audit is nothing more than a sales pitch. We felt a need for helping these business owners to find someone who would do an honest review and audit of their digital strategy. We always feel there is a step to be taken before investing in digital marketing or even if you have an existing provider, it is good to get an external auditor to provide a proper assessment. Secondly, startup micro businesses with small budgets, are forced to pay ongoing fees for managing paid ads even though there is not much work involved in managing their small budget. So we wanted to come up with a pay as you go option in digital marketing with no long term commitments
We generally recommend 1-hour sessions, but in some cases a 2-hour session may be more appropriate if you need help taking action during the session.
Sessions are delivered remotely via Google Hangouts or in-person at our Chatswood office.
Each 1-hour session is priced at $250 per hour, however you can book a block of six sessions for $900

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